Showing the rich, raw and real history of the heart of Dublin.

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The Brief

The North Inner City Folklore Project is dedicated to preserving the history of Dublin’s North Inner City. It contains a collection of wonderful recorded interviews with the denizens of Dublin’s tenements, as well as an incredible collection of memorabilia, artefacts and photographs.

In the lead up to the opening of their immersive visitor experience and exhibition on Railway St, they needed an identity, and a website to guide visitors and showcase the history and stories of the area that the project has preserved.

The Response

The identity captures a sense of time and place with a typographic style reminiscent of turn-of-the-(20th)-century printing styles, overlaid with a historical map of the area, and tinted a true-Dublin Blue.

The website presents a vast array of short snippets that give a fascinating insight into what life in Inner City Dublin was like, and that truly does justice to the North Inner City Folklore Project, and the wealth of stories and memorabilia on show.

The North Inner City Folklore Project logo
The Website

Visually, the style of the website successfully captures the historical tone, and is designed to make the content as accessible as possible. With its focus on snippets of content combined with an incredibly clear and easy to use navigation structure, the site is nearly addictive, as the user is rarely more than a short scroll or click from yet another fascinating story of Dublin life.

The North Inner City Folklore Project home page
The North Inner City Folklore Project collections page
Content is punctuated with bold text and historically interesting imagery
The Imagery

The layout makes the most of the source material, with bold typography supported by numerous evocative images and artefacts.

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