Launching a brand that really hits home.

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The Brief

Home For Life is a partner in the government’s Mortgage to Rent scheme, helping a wide range of people with unsustainable mortgage debt, to clear that debt, and stay in their homes on sustainable rent, as tenants of their Local Authority. As a pioneering entrant into the field, they needed a brand that could appeal to their audience, and distinguish them from traditional financial providers.

The Response

Our solution began with the design of a visually unique brand identity that captures the simplicity and optimism of the brand. From there we developed the full range of marketing collateral, including booklets, stationery, and an advertising campaign.

Home For Life logo design
Developing the Brand Identity

At the heart of the brand identity is a clever and memorable logo. It is warm, friendly and positive, with a nod to ‘keeping the lights on’. The shape of the home doubles as an arrow device – suggesting how Home For Life helps people get on with their lives.

The Home For Life brand has a minimalist style, with a restrained colour scheme, and a distinctive approach to imagery.

Home For Life leaflet
Advertising campaign

A full advertising campaign was developed to coincide with the launch of the brand. Powerful messaging offered hope to the target audience, and the simple style put the brand front and centre to help build awareness for the new brand. Ads were run in local and national press, online, and on radio.

Newspaper ad
Programmatic campaign
Radio advertising campaign

With its minimalist style, constrained colour scheme, and distinctive approach to imagery, the Home For Life brand has a well developed visual vocabulary, including a signature illustration/icon style that can be applied to infographics and diagrams.

Home For Life process infographic
A Successful Launch

The branding of Home for Life was developed alongside work by the Murray Corporate Affairs team, who helped guide the project towards a successful launch.

The launch generated considerable coverage in the national press, in local newspapers and radio all over the country.

News coverage of Home For Life

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