We developed a bold and brave digital platform for a fast-moving financial challenger.

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The Brief

Finance Ireland is Ireland’s biggest non-bank lender, lending primarily to businesses and operating in Commercial Mortgages, Auto Finance, Agriculture, and SMEs. They are thriving and dynamic, and pride themselves on their in-depth knowledge of their industries, their entrepreneurial approach, and their ability to make things happen – fast.

Realising the need to better reflect this dynamism, Finance Ireland asked Murray Creative to redesign their website from the ground up, and develop a digital campaign that captured their energetic, entrepreneurial spirit.

The Response

After extensive interviews with Finance Ireland’s key staff, we distilled their dynamic, entrepreneurial approach down to a single phrase.

“You do the business, we do the finance” speaks directly to the customer, positioning Finance Ireland as an understanding business partner that shares their customers ambition, and that works alongside those customers to help them achieve their goals. The direct language captures their no-nonsense, can-do attitude.

Web Design & Development

The website comes across as no-nonsense and no frills, getting straight to the point. It leads with the new brand position “you do the business, we do the finance”, speaking directly to customers, and promising the reader that Finance Ireland is a lender who ‘gets it’. The site focusses on a sense of efficiency and directness, moving straight to the key question: Looking for a quick decision?

Visually, a simple colour scheme combines a bright gradient with a dark grey, creating a look & feel that is simple, bold, efficient, and dynamic. This simplicity is deceptive though; interaction with the site reveals a terrific attention to detail, with beautiful, subtle transitions adding a touch of quality worthy of a market leader, and bringing a strong, if understated, sense of dynamism.

Finance Ireland commercial property page
Finance Ireland homepage Finance Ireland careers page
Digital Campaign

With the launch of the website, we ran a series of ads to bring attention to the site, and to position Finance Ireland as a true challenger. The ads put a strong focus on Finance Ireland's can-do approach to business and their ability to make things happen quickly.

Visually, the ads matched the vibrance and elegance of the website, but introduced striking, iconic imagery and bolder typography for a more eye-catching and retail approach. Simple animation further enhanced the production values, bringing that added level of polish required of genuine market leaders.

Finance Ireland residential mortgages
Finance Ireland online ad Finance Ireland online ad Finance Ireland online ad

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