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Murray Tweet Index Website

Murray’s Tweet Index makes full use of JavaScript & animated SVG to bring to life a stunning data visualisation of Ireland’s most influential journalist tweeters. The site was designed as single, scrolling page site, with powerful use of animation to retain user interest.

We created a bespoke algorithm to calculate Ireland’s Most Influential Journalists on Twitter.

In the 24 hours from launch at 7am on the 25/01/2016, key highlights were:

336 Mentions by some of Ireland’s largest Twitter Accounts, reaching 1,907,710 unique Twitter users – an average of almost 80,000 per hour!

Sentiment Scoring:
85% Positive, 12% Neutral and only 3% negative

Despite only being ‘relevant’ for 24 hours and to a select business audience, the hashtag #murraytweetindex trended Number 1 in Ireland throughout the day

The value of media coverage across traditional media like Press and radio, digital and social media was over €250,000!

Murray Tweet Index Website

Murray Tweet Index

Interactive Animations

Throughout the site we utilised some of the latest SVG and javascript animation techniques to bring the graphics to life, whilst being fully responsive for mobile and tablet devices. The animation below showcases one such animation which activates when scrolling into view in the browser.

Biggest Gainers

Top 5 Results

For each of the categories and the parameters measured you can expand the top 5 out to reveal their results.

Most tweets Graph

Fully Responsive

The site is fully responsive across smartphone and tablet devices.

Responsive mobile view

Full Page Layout

Here you can see the entire one page site in its full glory.

Murray Tweet Index Full Page

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