Founded in 1981, FEXCO is Ireland’s most successful multinational finance provider.

Despite being a global brand, their web footprint was not reflecing it. Each of the business units operated its own separate website, leading to numerous, disconnected sites not maximizing the power of the brand.

Initially briefed to re-design 10 group sites, our strategy was to develop one global site, with each of the main business areas having its own highly tailored landing pages and sub product pages.

In order that it did not look like yet another global finance website, we made design and UX decisions that would make it very distinctive – bold colour scheme, very unique navigation system and the development of a new marketing graphic system, ‘Ex words’, which appear on the top of all key pages that truly modernize the brand and web presence, while making the brand much more visible from an SEO perspective.


App Screen Front View MockUpFEXCO FEXCO-home-main iPad-Retina-Display-Mockup FEXCO

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